Little-known fact about raw oysters is disturbing people for a good reason

They’re a popular delicacy across the world and considered an aphrodisiac by many. But while lots of people enjoy eating oysters, it seems there’s one thing people don’t really know about them. And that’s that raw oysters, the kind served on ice with a wedge of lemon, are still alive. It’s no secret, but it’s […]

Angelina Jolie ‘lookalike’ Sahar Tabar reveals what she looks like without make-up – and she’s unrecognisable

Iranian teenager Sahar Tabar who attracted worldwide infamy for her eerie likeness to Angelina Jolie has revealed what she really looks like without make-up. The 19-year-old shot to fame on Instagram last year thanks to her bizarre selfies where she sported angular cheekbones, hollow cheeks and an extreme curving nose, that fans likened to the […]

Carving of modern bicycle found on wall of 2,000-year-old temple

A carving of a modern bicycle has been found on the wall of an ancient 2,000-year-old temple. The founders of Panchavarnaswamy Temple, which was built during India’s ancient Chola period, may have predicted the arrival of the bike by hundreds of years if these images are correct. Praveen Mohan, who found the carving and posted […]