Hundreds of animal species face ‘imminent’ EXTINCTION if we don’t take urgent action, scientists warn

Hundreds of species – from elephants to treefrogs – face extinction, warned leading scientists who fear time is running out for the tropics. They say a devastating global biodiversity collapse is “imminent” unless we take urgent, concerted action to reverse species loss in the tropics. In a major study, published in the journal Nature, an […]

World’s first ‘test tube baby’ turns 40 in landmark anniversary for IVF

The world’s first ‘test tube’ baby is celebrating her 40th birthday, in what marks a landmark anniversary for IVF. Louise Brown was born at Oldham General Hospital on 25 July 1978, having been conceived by IVF at Dr Kershaw’s Hospital in Royton. Professor Daniel Brison, a reproductive biology expert from the University of Manchester, said: […]

Where to see bioluminescence in the UK and Ireland – top spots to admire the ‘sea sparkle’ during the heatwave

The UK is currently enjoying one of the hottest summers in history, and beaches along the British coast are packed with sun-seekers. Some lucky people may have noticed a mysterious glow lighting up the waters. This is caused by bioluminescent plankton – tiny creatures that emit a beautiful blue-green light. Bioluminescence occurs when chemical reactions […]

EE launches new phone deal that lets you change tariffs whenever you want

EE has just launched a brand new mobile phone offering that lets you switch between various tariffs depending on what you fancy – ideal for mobile phone users who don’t want the commitment of a static 24-month phone contract. The new SIM only style plan combines the best of both current pay-as-you-go and pay monthly […]